My Scottsdale Dentist- Divine Dental

My Scottsdale Dentist- Divine Dental

My Scottsdale Dentist- Divine Dental

The Divine Dental Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ offers many services that help to enhance and maintain total overall health. Their staff is very caring and warm, and they are always willing to come to your home or office to evaluate your needs. I highly recommend this dental practice.

The Divine Dental Clinic provides a wide range of general dentistry services, as well as many specialty procedures and treatments. They carry many very popular brand names such as Atripla, Duratr, and Cetaphil. They also offer many natural products and vitamins for your oral care needs. They accept most major credit cards and have many locations throughout the Phoenix area.

“I’ve always had a great relationship with my Scottsdale, Arizona dentist. When I moved in here 9 years ago, I was really excited to see the dentist. I felt that this was someone who would be able to keep my teeth looking white. I’ve been seeing him ever since.” – Jason

“Dental Office” is one of the first things that come to mind when considering a new dentist. “Esthetic”, “implant”, and “dentist” are other words that come to mind. In an ideal situation, the best thing a patient could do is find a dentist that has everything they are looking for in their dental office. Unfortunately, not every dentist is like that. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to find the right dentist for you and your family.

“I had my first procedure performed by my dentist a while ago. During the procedure, he told me that I had some old crowns and that he could “root canal” them. After I described the process to him, he explained to me that he didn’t know what “root canal” meant, but that it was a common procedure in his office. I didn’t like this answer, as I had been told that my teeth were in good health and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.”

“After talking to several other dentists, I’ve started to wonder why God allows some things to be bad. Sometimes it’s better to let things heal on their own. For example, I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago when they became impacted. The dentist told me that I shouldn’t drink coffee or tea for several months because they would put more pressure on my teeth. I’m thankful that my wisdom teeth are gone now and that the taste was bad, but this experience has shown me that I should have paid closer attention to my oral hygiene from a very young age.”

“I had a cavity filled at the Scottsdale Health Center. During the filling process, the dentist told me that I had tartar. He didn’t explain to me that this is an indication of a poor diet, but he did inform me that it needed to be cleaned out. I was surprised that he recommended a professional cleaning before filling a cavity because that usually isn’t done. I also wasn’t aware that tartar has a black color to it.” – Pam

“A few months after my wisdom tooth removal, I visited my dentist again for a wire root canal and a crowning. During the visit, my jaw pain became so intense that I couldn’t open my mouth very wide. This is when I learned that I had the wrong tooth. After the wire root canal, my insurance covered the rest of the procedure.”

“I no longer worry about having cavities or needing a root canal. But there are times when I am tempted to skip getting my regular cleaning by a dentist. I now have the luxury of going to my Poulos-trained friend’s house for tooth cleaning and veneers. She lets me know when the enamel on my teeth is at risk for chipping and when it needs to be removed to prevent further decay. When I am asked to pay for veneers instead of cleaning my teeth, I cringe.”

My dentist, Dr. Luma, does a great job, especially on my front row teeth. She is very gentle and listens carefully to what you want for your smile, and she keeps you informed of her progress every visit. She has a great bedside manner and treats you like a patient. She even makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when she takes your x-rays! She is definitely a very good dentist, and definitely the “Voice of Reason” at The Divine Dental Clinic!

I went to this clinic for my last dental checkup with my entire family. My kids are old enough to need a root canal, and my grandkids need their fillings redone. This was the first time that we had gone to see the dentist since giving birth, and my daughter had a cavity. It turned out that she did not need to have her tooth filled, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Our family doctor recommended the clinic, and we all went there for our annual checkups. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful experience there.

After the dentist took care of me, I noticed that I did not feel any pain at all, which is a huge relief! After we left, I felt such a deep sense of relief and did not want to go back to the dentist’s office. I have been going ever since, and even my husband said that he could hardly wait to go back!

Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and helpful. The receptionist even came out and gave me a book that I could read while I waited. The doctor was very caring and gave me very good medical advice. I hardly remembered much of the visit, other than I was given some pain medication, and an ice pack to help me relax. After that, I just needed to rest for a little bit.

After taking care of the pain for a few days, I noticed that everything began to look brighter and more beautiful around me. I just felt more energetic and good all over. I cannot explain how grateful I am, and how happy my children are. I cannot even explain how thankful I am to have found such amazing relief from such a terrible condition. I would definitely recommend this clinic for anyone who is in pain and needs a good helping hand!

If you are in pain like I was and want to rid your body of the pain as soon as possible, you need to get treatment from a dentist. Stop wasting time with your pain medication, or thinking of ways to “just” get by. You do not have to be in pain for another minute! You deserve to be pain-free for every second of every day! Try a divine dental treatment today, and I guarantee you will not be sorry you did!

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